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How is tiredness different from sleeplessness?

Handling responsibilities is a part of each person’s daily routine and getting tired after fulfilling their duties is very common. However, regardless of how tired you are, falling asleep on time can still be difficult to maintain. Tiredness and sleeplessness are two opposite terms which can never stand on the same line but sleeplessness can be a reason for tiredness.

When you are tired, you may feel sleepy but when you are suffering from insomnia, you may feel tired in the morning. Visiting the spa for Shirodhara or having a Japanese spa will be of great help if you suffer from extreme tiredness or sleeplessness. The determinants of tiredness vs sleeplessness are inter-related and this article provides a detailed difference between the two terms.

Tiredness vs Sleeplessness


Insomnia is a major cause that can create massive sleeplessness in you. Usually, when you feel tired, you will tend to fall asleep soon. But if you are facing difficulty in sleeping even at night, then this is the symptom of insomnia. You must visit a doctor immediately because sleeplessness can be a major reason for tiredness. This will, later on, lead to various health problems.


Caffeine is said to release tiredness from the human body. But maybe it is time to reconsider your energy drink. Caffeine is another cause that is responsible for sleeplessness. While on one hand, it has a positive impact on tiredness, on the other hand, it can have a negative impact on your sleep. Hence, avoid consuming caffeine 4-6 hours before bedtime.

Anxiety and Depression

Nowadays, people are very much prone to anxiety and depression. Anxiety is one of the major causes of sleeplessness. It leads to the continuous functioning of the brain, which may also lead to tiredness. Short breath is a very common symptom of anxiety. There is a complicated relationship between depression and sleeplessness. Depression disrupts the circadian rhythms which in turn interrupts sleep.

Screen time

In spite of knowing the fact that tablets, TV, laptops, tablets, and phones emit a blue light which is harmful to the eyes, smartphones are used widely among people. This blue light, emitted from your phone suppresses evening melatonin production which in turn is responsible for reducing sleeplessness. Hence, doctors recommend not to use any electronic device 2 hours before going to bed.


Now you know the differences between tiredness and sleeplessness. These points mentioned above will give you a clear outlook of the two inter-related terms and help you to identify the issue you are dealing with.

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