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With the increasing amount of stress and anxiety in our lives, we can never be at peace. In fact, so many things go on in our mind all together that sometimes, we feel at loss and can’t decide what we should do. As days pass, our mind gets stuck in a complicated mayhem- a never-ending mesh from where we can’t come out. Studies have shown that almost 77% of the global popular suffers from stress. And out of this, 33% people approximately are victims of extreme stress and chronic depression.

No medicine, no counselling sessions, and no vacation can provide the best relief from psychological turbulences. Moreover, as our psychology is closely related to our physiology, soon people start showing symptoms of physical diseases like obesity, lack of appetite, hypertension, diabetes, and so on.

So, what is the ultimate form of treatment of stress, depression, and other kinds of psychological problems?

The answer to this question is very simple and even children are taught about in the middle schools.

One word which has changed many lives all across the world.

One word which has the power to give you wisdom.

One word that is the most powerful weapon in the world.

According to the wall arts discovered during excavations, it has been proven that the art of meditating with eyes closed, upper torso straight with shoulders at relaxed but firm state, and legs bent has its root embedded deep into the Indian history. Meditation has become prominent in India approximately 5000 BCE years ago when the Aryans first entered the Indian subcontinent.

If you read the Vedas, you will find several evidences on meditation and its wonders. Later on, with the popularity of Buddhism and Jainism cults and culture, meditation was practiced on large scale. In the present time, doctors and psychologists consider meditation as a way in which you can channel your energy and focus it on a single thing.

This way your brain’s concentration power will increase ten folds. And your thoughts wouldn’t become haywire, scattered all around. However, meditation needs practice and without regularity in the schedule, you can never master the art.

Every day, you can take fifteen to twenty minutes from your busy schedule and practice meditation. As usually our minds are chaotic, focusing will seem to be the most difficult task. But, it will be will power and powerful desire that will help you to channel your mental, physical, and spiritual energy in one direction.

It is believed that when we are too depressed or stressed out, our aura gets bleak and is hardly present there. This is why we feel so drained out that spending the next day in the same way sounds like a hellish nightmare. However, with the help of regular meditation, you can restore the energy field around yourself and heal the cracks in your spiritual aura.

In other words, we can say meditation is like creating path into your own mind when all thoughts are scrambled and over the place. It is like exploring yourself, finding out what your strengths are, learn about your weaknesses, and increasing your will power and concentration.

The human consciousness has no boundary. It is limitless just like the universe. Meditation will help you to unravel the hidden mysteries of your consciousness and draw the boundaries.

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