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Mindfulness and creativity

Creativity is an integral part of numerous occupations. Irrespective of the type of job, it is the creative ideas that shed light on the work. However, having excellent ideas, notions, or strategies every day is not an easy task. Most of the time, lack of focus, distraction, and daily stress can lead to divergence of the path. It ultimately leads to underdeveloped work and a lack of satisfaction.

One of the most highly successful solutions to this rising problem is to opt for mindfulness meditation. Wondering what it actually is?

Mindfulness meditation allows the mind to wander, offers non-judgmental awareness, and follows these thoughts. Integrating these practices in everyday life not only reduces stress but also opens up the mind to develop creative ideas. In other words, it aids in breaking down what was previously a “wall.”

With meditation, it is possible to heighten the concentration ability, which then assists in refining an idea. It eventually aids in the completion of a project, which earlier was abandoned. Enhancing concentration indicates the improvement of patience and determination to complete the task ahead.

Artists – whether it be painters, sculptors, or musicians, have always intertwined mediation and creativity. It is believed that meditation can aid in develop listening ability along with honing creativity, concentration and focus.

Research indicates that there are multiple benefits of mindfulness meditation. For instance, it can improve the resilience, regulate emotions, and deal with stress. Moreover, it also helps in attaining a positive outlook on life despite encountering repeated setbacks.

One of the most beneficial aspects of meditation is the capability to handle the fight-or-flight response in an effective way. In fact, mindfulness meditation switches it off and forces the brain to enter a thoughtful mode. This eventually assists in making practical decisions without panic, worry, and anxiety playing a significant role.

Not knowing when to let go is one of the significant flaws of most artists. It is at times challenging to allow the work to be finished. In other words, artists often find it tough to let go of their work. They keep on finding impossible standards and judge their work on these terms. It only creates an underlying feeling of dissatisfaction, underconfidence, and worry.

Mindfulness meditation can help to cultivate the feeling of distant spectatorship. Sometimes, it is vital to simply view the work from the perspective of a spectator.

"Living 24 hours with mindfulness is more worthwhile than living 100 years without it." – The Buddha.

Danny Penman’s “Mindfulness for Creativity” offers some intriguing information on mindfulness meditation and its effect on creativity.

It states that mindfulness practices can increase three distinguished skills that are extremely vital for solving creative issues. Firstly, it enhances the attention span of an individual. Secondly, it helps to enter the mode of divergent thinking. In essence, it aids in the opening of the mind to untapped ideas. Finally, it assists in nurturing resilience and courage to deal with losses.

Investing 10-12 minutes in mindfulness meditation might be enough to kick-start the creativity once again!

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