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Premature grey hair? Fight it with these simple remedies

Updated: Oct 30

We can’t stop aging. The time will come when all your hairs will start greying, but if it starts turning grey sooner, some steps have to be taken to stop immature grey. Although the main reason for this is hereditary and lack of nourishment, there can be other reasons, too, like stress, excessive smoking, or tobacco use. So, to prevent and reverse immature grey hairs, there are some tips that one can follow easily. It does not require the high expense or heavy medical procedures.

Increasing antioxidant intake

What diet pattern a person follows plays a crucial role in greying hair rate. If the person takes more antioxidants, it can reduce oxidative stress. For increasing the antioxidant content, switch to fresh fruits and vegetables, olive oil, green tea, and fish.

Quit smoking

Smoking is injurious to health in many ways, and one of the reasons is white hair. Researches have directly linked the habit with loss of hair pigmentation in their studies. So, when you quit the habit, it will drastically stop the growth of immature grey hairs.

Natural remedies

One of the reasons behind hair growing white is too much stress. So, you can benefit from natural remedies like a head spa. The professional massage you get clears your mind, boosts blood flow in the brain, and improves hair health.

Address deficiencies

Anyone who is suffering from vitamin deficiency will face the problem of hair greying. So, it is best to maintain the level of vitamin required in the body by incorporating eggs, seafood and meat in the diet for gaining vitamin B-12. On the other hand, take salmon, milk and cheese to get the required vitamin D.


These are some of the most effective and simple ways to stop greying of hair. So, adopt these habits now and get rid of white hairs eventually.

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