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Restore, Renew, and Rejuvenate Yourself with Japanese Head Spa

Stress is now part and parcel of our daily life. As per the American Institute of Stress, 7 in 10 Americans experience stress that impacts their quality of life. Stress impacts the mental health of nearly 70% of American adults.

How can we win over stress and lead a relaxed life without compromising on our duties and responsibilities? Is there a reset button?

Japanese Head Spa” will do!

It’s a century-old technique that first originated in India. The technique regenerate in Japan which is the world’s No.1 worst least sleep country.

Having your scalp massaged with scalp exfoliating gel. Gentle pressure is applied on acupressure points from the forehead down to the neck. You’ll feel relaxed and rejuvenated!

This scalp ritual is fast becoming an obsession for its stress-busting benefits. Some of these include:

1. Releases Tension:

First and foremost, this natural therapy is known to reduce stress and promote relaxation.

A session of gentle scalp massage using scalp exfoliating gel will make you feel stress-free. It's so relaxing, you will fall asleep during the session.

2. Improves Blood Flow:

The scalp massage stimulates the head nerves. Hence one of its immediate benefits is increased blood circulation. It nourishes the hair follicle as they start receiving oxygen and nutrients.

3. Lowers Blood Pressure:

High blood pressure is enemy no. 1 for a healthy life. But an hour of relaxing and refreshing Japanese Head Spa can help you release all stress, feel rejuvenated and relaxed. Some recent studies also indicate that head massage can be a vital factor in better stress management.

4. Healthy & Stronger Hair Growth:

We all want healthier, fuller, and shinier hair. Don’t we?

Japanese head spa offers well-rounded care for hair and scalp health. It improves blood circulation to the follicle or the root of the hair.

Moreover, the stress-busting benefits of Japanese head spa sessions transcend on to the hair’s health as well.

To highlight the obvious, regular sessions will repair hair damage and improve overall scalp health. It will get rid of shampoo build-up, dead scalp, and flakes even from the hard-to-reach places that most of us tend to neglect.

5. Alleviates Migraines and Helps You Sleep Well

Last but not least, as we stay glued to our mobile screens, it’s natural that many of us experience triggers of headaches and migraines. Internet addiction has harmed our natural sleep cycle.

Japanese Head Spa relaxes the mind, reduces migraines, and helps you sleep better afterward.

Hope these benefits will make you visit your nearest Japanese Head Spa now!

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