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Strengthen scalp muscle naturally to get those gorgeous hairs

Everybody wishes for strong, shiny, and silky hairs but often fails to get one. Well, the secret here is strengthening scalp muscles. If you have strong scalp muscles, it helps enhance the look, growth, feel, and even the health of your hair.

This is mainly because a healthy scalp improves the blood flow into the follicle and provides nutrients and oxygen to the hair root. As a result, you are blessed with gorgeous hairs.

Wondering how to strengthen hairs? Some natural ways are as follows:

Massage with essential oils

The scalp muscles often get tighten-up due to build-up stress resulting in blocked blood circulation. But when you go for professional head massage therapy with essential oils, its potent nature relaxes every nerve and opens the blood vessels surrounding hair follicles. Also, it communicates with your limbic system and releases tension.


Turning yoga into your everyday habit can be a great idea to promote healthy scalp muscles. The pranayama and asana you try daily provide adequate blood flow to the scalp. Moreover, correct posture facilitates oxygen and nutrient transfer into the hair root.

Taking cold shower

The lymphatic system gets triggered when you immerse yourself in cold water, pumping your scalp muscles to lose the tightness. Additionally, the lymph helps clear bacteria and other microbes from the blood, stimulating detoxification inside your hair follicles.

Try hot oil treatment

When run through your scalp muscles, the hot oil treatment help repair damaged hair and release knots of tension and anxiety. Avocado and coconut oil are best for the purpose as they add extra protein and contain essential fatty acids.


These are some easy and natural ways to relax and strengthen your scalp muscle. The processes help release stress and anxiety that you often accumulate for several reasons and give you a beautiful result in the face of long, voluminous, silky hairs.

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