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Top physical ways to trigger ASMR

ASMR is a growing trend storming the internet and helping thousands of people to relax and fall asleep. It stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response and mainly involves a slight euphoric experience. It develops as a result of a certain physical or visual stimulus referred to as a trigger and is often described as brain orgasm.

People are finding ways to get ASMR as it is working more like a therapy tool for them. Fortunately, the process that acts as triggers is natural and free of side effects, so there is no problem involved. In fact, if a person gets ASMR, they can also cure conditions like insomnia, negative mood, and loneliness. Some of the physical ways to trigger this brain orgasm are:

Hair play

When your hair is being played in real life, it is quite relaxing. Also, watching or listening to something like this can provoke a similar response. Moreover, there is Hair play ASMR carried using various tools ranging from fingers to hairbrush brittles.

Head massage

One of the great ways to get ASMR is going to a center for head massage therapy. When the masseurs follow different touch therapy, reach the main point of the scalp, and use a dripping method of essential oils, it often gives a deep relaxation feeling. Moreover, there's an elevated sensation when it gets combined with soft speaking, personal attention, and touch.

Ear brushing

This one is a unique ASMR technique where ear brushing is carried using makeup brushes. In other words, small eyeshadow brushes or even shaving brushes are used to create a super calming sensation inside the ears.


ASMR is a great way to unwind yourself from negativity after a long day. It can help you fall asleep fast and even release the buildup of stress. So, make sure you are carrying these activities every once in a while.

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