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Tried and tested tips to getting shiny hairs

Imagine having soft, silky and shiny hair every time you go to a party. Does it seem too ambitious? No, not anymore. It is time to get that frizz-free, beautiful and luscious hair back by following some natural tips. This also means you do not have to apply chemicals and spend tons of money at the salon. The tricks are simple but need every day routine commitment. Curious? Then here we go:

Avoid washing your hair with hot water

It is hard to avoid hot water bathing, especially in winters, but it is a true trick to getting your shiny hair back. It is because the hot water open ups your hair cuticle, causing them to frizz up, whereas cold water seals them and make the strands stay flat.

Treat yourself with hot oil head massage

Try to get a professional hot oil massage every once a week to add extra shine to your hair and restore the lost moisture. Not to mention, the techniques masseurs follow help promote hair growth, repair split ends, prevent damage and nourishes the scalp.

Switch towel with a cotton T-shirt

It may now become normal for you to rub your hair with a towel since you are doing it from childhood, but it is not the case with your hair. They still get affected, fluffs up and cause knots. Thus, when you comb after it dries up, it becomes frizzy and breaks.

Comb Wet, Brush Dry

This is the mantra to get shiny hairs! It means to use a comb designed for wet hairs when your hairs are wet and a brush when they are dry. It will prevent tangling of the hair and result in less breakage. Also, use only a wide-tooth wooden comb to avoid damaging hair due to static.


It is not hard to maintain flawless hair, given you keep your hair away from excessive chemicals and follow these simple steps as mentioned earlier regularly. So, start adopting the techniques today.

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