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Understanding the relationship between the endocrine system and hair

There is a close connection between the endocrine system and hair growth in our bodies. It controls hormones, which further impact the overall health of the body, including our hairs. Even a small amount of stress created by hormones can result in excessive hair loss. So, what can you do to make sure it does not bring intense changes?

In conditions of extreme stress, anxiety, pregnancy, and other conditions endocrine system compromises its work. So, there is an abnormal amount of hair follicle production in the telogen stage resulting in hair loss. Thus, to keep the balance in production, make sure to follow some simple steps.

Completing appropriate hour of sleep

One of the main factors affecting hormonal balance in the body is sleep. The level of hormones drops drastically due to deprivation of sleep, further contributing to diabetes, obesity, and hair fall. So, make sure you are completing at least eight hours of sleep at night.

Taking control of stress

There is a direct connection between stress, the endocrine system, and hormone level. It is seen that stress increases adrenaline and cortisol, which induces the production of hormones and disrupts the body's overall balance. So, it is good to take control of stress before it becomes a problem by listening to music, meditation, and taking professional head massage. The sessions help the person to relax.

Cut down sugar intake

Sugar plays an important role in issues like insulin resistance and metabolic disease. So, to keep the insulin level in check, watch out for your sugar intake. Remember, table sugar, honey, and high-fructose corn syrup do the same job as direct sugar. So, by avoiding these, you will benefit more.


These are some natural ways you can make sure your endocrine system is healthy and promotes hair growth. So, adopt the following suggestions in life to benefit from the positive result created by these habits.

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