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How to enhance your hair growth cycle naturally?

Hair forms an essential part of your appearance, so we want them to look perfect always. We try many experiments by cutting it short or using colors, but in the end, we desire the long hairs. To save you from waiting long, we have some tips for you that can increase your hair growth cycle rate. If you are curious, stick to us.

Our hair naturally goes through three cycles:

● Anagen (active growth phase which produces new growth).

● The catagen phase (transition phase where your hair cells stop dividing).

● The telogen phase (hair loss phase where the process of falling out naturally through brush begins).

Those who want hair growth need to put focus on the anagen phase. For this, they can carry activities like:

Professional hair massage

Including regular hair massage sessions to your routine helps a lot in restoring your hair growth. It promotes the healthy growth and well-being of your hair. In addition, it also helps with the thickness and stress release process.

Use coconut oil

Coconut oil is the best ingredient you can use in your hair as it contains a high affinity to facilitate new hair growth. Other benefits that you may enjoy include natural moisturizing of your scalp and hairs, extra shine to your hairs, reduced protein loss, etc.

Say no to silk pillows

A lot of hairs are lost due to friction from silk hair. It is because friction interferes with the cuticle layer of hair and causes hair loss. Thus, it’s advisable to replace your silk pillow with cotton ones.


Even though there are still researches going on how to increase hair growth, do not underestimate the suggestions mentioned above. This helps, in the long run, to facilitate hair growth in length and thickness. Also, don’t forget to trim hairs at regular intervals.

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