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Relation between Stress and Hair Loss

Studies are ongoing to detect the causes of stress on the population's health. Current studies evidence that chronic stress directly relates to hair loss and patchy hair fall spots. Chronic stress includes depression, anxiety, improper sleep and digestive related issues. Although, the reasons for hair loss have not been identified in various methods.

Hair Growth

In clinical terms, hair loss is called alopecia. Hair loss can occur at any stage of life, age group and gender. Hair loss impacts health and could extend the resting period of stem cells. A hair spa supports hair regrowth.

Phases of Hair Growth

Hair growth includes three phases. The first stage is the anagen, where hair pushes through the skin. The second phase is degeneration (also known as catagen). The strand's follicle will shrink, and hair will cease to grow at this stage. Telogen is the third stage; hair will fall out, which will start the hair growth process from the initial stage.

The hair growth cycle is usually driven through stem cells that reside within the follicle. Stem cells further divide into newer cells with regenerative hairs. During the resting time, the stem cells become inactive.

Methods to regrow hair

A hair spa helps to condition the strands while also normalising oil secretion. Hair Spa has varied benefits, including repairing damaged hair and relaxing the mind.

In addition, the stress level of mice was observed for weeks. The studies revealed hair growth reduction. During the study, the hair follicles' resting period extends over weeks when the body goes through chronic stress.

The stress hormones do not directly regulate stem cells. In this view, a hair spa is recommended most beneficial solution. Hair oil massages are prevalent hair spa methods which promote hair growth. The hair spa diet and nutrition also hold an important place for hair regrowth. Vitamins are the essential nutrients for the regrowth of hair.

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