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The process of how to manage your stress made easy

Stress is an overwhelming feeling when your head starts pounding; you feel provoked by your surroundings and somewhat nauseous. When ignored for long, they can hamper every aspect of life, whether personal relation, work-life, or health. However, we often find ourselves helpless because we can't do much about it as it's a feeling! But the truth is you can do it.

Whenever you find yourself in a stressful situation, you can follow the below tips and try to overcome them. It is always easy to control the stress level when your body and mind are calm.

Focus on your breathing

The breathing technique can help you calm your brain within minutes. Moreover, the best part is that you can do it anywhere you like, whether you are in a crowded space or sitting alone in a park. Just breathe in through your nose, hold for a second or two and then slowly breathe out the air, counting three.

Try to open up

If there's a particular reason, person, or even a sentence bothering you, try to speak for yourself. Or you can also share your feeling with someone you can trust and wiser, like a friend, family, or coworker. Sometimes, getting your feelings out can do more good than getting advice.

Getting therapy or massage

Sometimes the reason behind stress is lack of self-pamper, so make sure you are taking yourself for professional massage therapy from time to time. This not only will teach you how to love yourself, but also the massage technique acts as a stress buster.


When having too much stress, the one thing you need to learn is not to be too hard on yourself. As a human, you can make mistakes, so be supportive, appreciate yourself and follow the above suggestions. With time you are sure to see positive results.

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