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Top 6 effective energy healing techniques you must know

Energy medicine is referred to as a type of alternative medicine that is based on an artificial scientific belief that it is possible to channel healing energy into a patient and receive positive results. Therefore, energy healing is a traditional healing method that is responsible for restoring the energy throughout the mind, soul, and body. The technique can heal you directly with the emotional, physical, and spiritual aspects. The healers use such healing techniques mostly to treat medical conditions associated with mental health. Here are some energy healing techniques that can help you restore your energy flow throughout your mind and body.

Therapeutic touch

Energy in our body is concentrated in 8 regions which include the head, stomach, lower abdomen, knees, throat, heart, feet, and sacral region. If energy is not flowing in any of these eight regions, the therapist moves his or her hand is a particular motion on that area known as unruffling.

Quantum Healing

This kind of therapy is completely based on the theory of entertainment and resonance. The level of your energy in your body increases by breathing and by visualizing the flow of energy. Quantum healing is a spiritual technique that mainly helps in providing a positive effect on the immune system of your body.

Reiki Healing

The word “Reiki” is derived from two Japanese words “Rei” and “Ki” which means “God’s Wisdom” and “Energy” respectively. This therapy is mostly provided to the person who is suffering from an illness. It helps to cure headaches, flu, stomach aches, and cold. Specific symbols and techniques are used to heal the body.


Qigong is a traditional healing technique mostly used in China to regain the balance which is lost from your body. It consists of specific movements of the body with meditation and proper breathing posture, which helps to escalate spirituality in your mind and body. In addition, keeping a balance of positive energy in your body can help to stay healthy and fit.


This technique helps to bring immense relaxation to your body, mind, and soul. Your palms, feet, and ears are considered to be energy centres of your body which are connected with the help of meridians to other parts of your body. The therapists improve energy circulation by stimulating the energy centres.

Crystal Healing

In this type of healing technique, crystals and stones are used to take out the bad elements from the body. These crystals are of different shapes and hence work differently on the body. It mainly targets the emotional and physical issues that you are facing and takes out the negative energy from your body.

Energy healing is a very effective way to tap into the power that you have in order to create your reality. It will give you the energy to get healed quickly and to start a healthy life. If you need relaxation and want your energy to flow throughout your body, mind, and soul, you can visit our company HeadSpa En or call us to book an appointment. Here you are going to get headspa, Shirodhara, and all such services that can heal you from the core.

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